• Gentle Leader: Helping Your Dog Adjust to a Head Collar

    In our last post, we talked about proper fit and use for a Gentle Leader Head Halter. People often ask how to help the dog become accustomed to this tool. There are many things you can do as part of your regular routine to help your dogs
  • Drop It! Teaching Your Dog to Drop Anything Quickly and Easily

    One of the first commands I teach a new puppy is "OUT". It comes in very handy considering I like sporting breeds who are very tactile and love to pick up anything and everything, but it is quite typical of most puppies to want to explore the world with their mouths. Hence the need to teach the "out" command early on.
  • Teach Your Dog to Retrieve

    Some dogs will retrieve naturally, while others need some guidance in order to enjoy this game. Here is more than 20 time World Agility Champion, K...
  • Protecting Your Dog from the Dangers of Recreational Chewing

    Is Chewing Safe? There are a lot of chewing options out there for dogs these days. How do you know what might be a safe choice? We're strong bel...
  • The Gentle Leader Head Halter: A Nice Way to Train

    If you have a young dog who has yet to master the skills of walking nicely on a leash or facing tough distractions, an equipment change can help. Dogs who are very strong and powerful, or highly susceptible to distractions can benefit from a Gentle Leader head halter.