The Gentle Leader Head Halter: A Nice Way to Train

If you have a young dog who has yet to master the skills of walking nicely on a leash or facing tough distractions, an equipment change can help. Dogs who are very strong and powerful, or highly susceptible to distractions can benefit from a Gentle Leader head halter.

There are several different brands of head halters on the market. We prefer the Gentle Leader brand due to its secure fit and calming influence.

Often people are reluctant to use a head halter for various reasons. Often, they are worried people will confuse it with a muzzle. This is not the case. A properly fit Gentle Leader allows for the full range of motion. Dogs can open their mouths fully, eat easily and bark as they would be able to off of a Gentle Leader. Other concerns are that they will have to rely on the tool forever. Just like a leash, we consider the Gentle Leader to be a training tool. Use it as you need it to help your dog learn. Once they understand the lessons you are teaching, it’s time to wean away from it. The weaning process is another reason we prefer the Gentle Leader brand of head halter. It offers a half-way point that others don’t. We can help you make the transition from head halter to flat collar.